What I Learned From Bees

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Last year on a wonderful, warm spring day, flowers were blooming, the rain clouds had left, the birds were singing, bees were buzzing.As I stood in the living room looking out at the garden, I noticed that the bees were actually buzzing loudly.In fact, there was one on the bay window glass; on the wrong side of the window (along with a few more of its kin). Dang, a nearby hive had split and the new swarm had taken up residence in our chimney and some were flying into our living room.

I placed a call to our local beekeeper, Judy, to see if she could come pick up the swarm.It’s so great that we can do our part to save the bees! Unfortunately, she can’t extract a swarm from the chimney. She referred me to our pest control company to come and spray.“Sometimes good bees make bad choices” she said.

What I learned is that once pheromones are placed in a location by tiny little bee feet, future swarms will return.These pheromones are very powerful and cannot be washed away.To help the bees along, we are capping our chimney and putting up a virtual No Vacancy sign so the bees will look for a bait hive as a better choice for their newly formed swarm.

It has dawned on me that my habits are a lot like the bees. My unhealthy behaviors have the same draw as pheromones for bees. I continue to return to the same place or behavior as a matter of deep programming; not necessarily conscious choice.This year, I am focusing on my own Bait Hives – new personal habits and tools for good health; sustainability practices in my garden and home – these promote life. It’s a matter of making sure the new habit is in a more prominent place so it becomes the first thing I am drawn to instead of the habit I need to break.

Like bees, we are just good people who sometimes make bad choices.They are just choices and, with the help of new habits and tools, we can change.

    • Dana
    • April 14, 2011

    But . . . I had to bake cookies for one of my students this afternoon. Wouldn't you know, I burnt the first batch and she had to wait for the second one. Gave her all the good ones and some of the burnt ones for her dad's coffee (he loves them burnt, evidently). As soon as she left, I began eating the charred little dear – wheat flour and all. Bad habits, particularly on a high-stress day, die very hard!

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