Hen Songs

July 26, 2011 , In: Chickens, Home Keeping , With: One Comment

Time flies by during the summer. There’s less time for writing and musing; more chores in the garden and in the chicken coop.

My surprise news is that I’ve been asked to consult with backyard farmers (urban gardeners, if you want to be fancy) about “chicken installations” in their yards. I like to say that phrase over and over – makes me smile. I guess you can compare chickens to performance art, perhaps?

What people are really wanting is that connecting thread of wisdom that will bridge their Sunset or Mother Earth Magazine articles with the real, day-to-day life of bringing new feathered friends into a family. Don’t kid yourself – they are family members and they move right into you heart. There’s a reason that farmers who raise poultry for food do not give them names and talk about their personalities.

Today’s lesson is about egg laying and hen songs. Hens do not crow (those are the roosters, folks) but they do sing. In particular, they will dance and sing when it’s time to lay and egg. Our Henny and Penny start a soft chorus early in the morning. You must have the door or a window open to hear them. Their breed (Gingernut Ranger) does not have a loud voice. There’s a rise and fall in volume and pitch as they move towards egg laying time. The rest of the day is silent, unless they’re talking with us as we are around their yard.

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