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March 15, 2012 , In: Home Keeping , With: No Comments
Every once in a while, we drag out the ladder and haul ourselves up into our almost-an-attic (hey, I can almost stand up in the middle), to see what we’ve stashed there and forgotten about.  This time we introduced our grandson to the space.  Between the ladder climb into the rafters and what we found, he said it was one of the best days EVER.
First discovery, this thing is heavy…and I mean HEAVY!  How in heck did we get it up in the attic in the first place?  I quickly declined the invitation to help move it, leaving Mr. Hensongs and our daughter to figure out how to get that sucker down.  The cheer leader (grandson chanting “get it down!  get it down!”) was very motivational.
So dear friends, my question to you is “what now”?  The original use was a doll house.  Since our daughter was anything but girlie ( overalls over dresses), she is the one who chose the mint green/brown color palette.
Her son, the new owner, has announced it will be his army barracks/prop in alien-ninja battles.  The roof opens, there’s a great secret door to the attic, the front detaches, the dormers/gun mounts are fabulous, not to mention the stairs and rooms.
But…. this lovely thing built by a wonderful father will sit in our little guest room for all to see.  It’s in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.
The sheet covering the chest it sits on may or may not be the inspiration colors for the room (painted lemon yellow at this time).  I’m looking for a transformation that is gender-neutral and will fit in any color scheme.  What would you do?  Am I nuts? You really don’t have to answer the second question.


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