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It’s Rhubarb Time

April 30, 2012 , In: The Garden, Yum! , With: 6 Comments

Last year I moved my rhubarb from one of the garden beds to this great copper wash tub and added it patio container garden.  One plant (plenty for the amount of rhubarb our family requires) is doing very well in the container and looks great with the other flowers and herbs in pots.  The bites missing from some of the leaves are compliments of Henny and Penny.  No, chickens aren’t supposed to like rhubarb leaves.  Yes, the leaves are toxic to humans…apparently not so much to chickens.

I have loved rhubarb since my first slice of my Mom’s rhubarb pie.  Never have understood why folks want to mess up that wonderful flavor by adding strawberries to the filling.  But leave it to two of my favorite  guys – Josh and Brent of Beekman 1802 (the Beekman Boys) to come up with a savory recipe that sounds fabulous!  I’m putting it on the menu this week!!

Braised Chicken with Rhubarb and Spring Onions

Yes we have pet chickens and also eat chicken.  I can’t explain it, other than to say we always give thanks for the food on our table.



  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried rhubarb! I’ll have to give it a try. I saw it the last time was at the farmers market, but I didn’t have any idea what to do with it, so I didn’t get any. That recipe looks delicious!

      • Linda
      • April 30, 2012

      I think you’ll like it. I grew up with rhubarb sauce ( like applesauce) and rhubarb pie. Now I’m searching for more savory recipes to cut down on the sugar required in the rhubarb desserts. I just found a rhubarb and chipotle goat cheese pizza …sounds weird enough to be good!


  2. Ok – I am going to sound like a 3 year old now but “rhubarb – yuck”!

    Whew, got that out of my system! Actually, I’ve never tried it – the recipe looks tasty – you may have converted me.

    After all, if it’s good enough for Henny & Penny …

      • Linda
      • May 3, 2012

      Kelly – I understand. I live with a rhubarb hater. We made this recipe last night. Mr Rhubarb Hater cooked. He hasn’t stopped talking about how fabulous it tastes. I think it’s becuase the recipe treats rhubarb as a vegetable, which it really is. Give it a try!

  3. Reply

    Hi Linda!

    This sounds very interesting. I’ve never associated rhubarb with anything that would be eaten as a main course. My Dad adores it and grows a huge rhubarb plant every year. He always covers it with a garbage can to force it to do . . . something, I just can’t remember what! Maybe this would be a way to protect it from Henny and Penny 😉

    Thanks for visiting my blog – I hope you have fun painting your bucket with chalkboard paint!


      • Linda
      • May 30, 2012

      Hi Claire,
      I hope you try the recipe. I’m waiting for a few my stalks to grow so I can make it again. Henny and Penny…those darn hens!…so far the gate on their run is saving all of the garden 🙂


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