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June 28, 2012 , In: The Garden , With: One Comment

Good morning everyone.  Today we’re taking a walk through the kitchen garden to check on the progress of the fruits and vegetables. Mr. Hensongs announced – while reading the news last night –


Now, he knows how to throw a wet blanket on my kitchen garden aspirations and this (along with “Isn’t that a Tomato Horn Worm”) is one of the biggies.

Grab your cup of tea or coffee…we’re going out with the camera to capture the status of things so I can salvage SOME hope of ripe tomatoes and summer squash strata this year.

WARNING:  This is live feed….the garden as it really is…complete with Tonka Trucks, weeds, and the blue tarp cabana for the hens (I’m still staring at the cute daisy Sunbrella fabric I plan to make into a sun cover).

The strawberries are happy. I moved them to the hanging planters last year after battling slugs and snails and hen pecking.  Looks like the plants are moving towards the lowest box and will fill it in (yes, I’ll pull the weeds today).  So far, the only predator is Mr. Squirrely McShifty Butt and he hasn’t been around for awhile.  Leaving the strawberry caps on the fence to taunt me was particularly rude, I must say.

Apples are setting on nicely.  The Golden Delicious has the biggest crop.  Last year it was the Gravenstein.  The Fuji is the newest tree and has a couple of apples on one branch.  That’s a good start….go Fuji!

I espaliered (try saying that fast, three times) all of the trees against the fence so we can still pull my future cute little travel trailer/guest cottage into the backyard.

Herbs in pots and new lavender plants are doing well in Casa Hensongs (Henny and Penny just couldn’t miss the morning photo op).  The Tonka truck project is an extra bonus.  Not sure why one is hanging from a crane…

The raised beds are filled with tomato plants, kale, summer squash, and green beans.  The tomatoes are the first experiment with Henny-Penny fertilizer – I think they’re going to take over the backyard!  This is a Fourth of July tomato.  I don’t think it’s going to be ripe in time for the celebration.

The green beans are planted French intensive style (that’s the nice way of saying that it makes me sad to thin perfectly good plants out of a garden so I let them all stay).

Hope you enjoyed your morning tour.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there’s enough hot weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area to make the plants happy.

How are things going in your own gardens?

  1. I’m surprised Henny & Penny didn’t do a smack down on Mr. Squirrely McShifty Butt. They could take him! The garden looks amazing – those apple trees are fabulous!

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