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Not Your Frugal Saturday

June 3, 2012 , In: Home Keeping , With: 2 Comments

I just had THE BEST DAY EVER!  My dear friend Joan – amazing musician, seamstress, gal with the guts to decorate her kitchen with vegetable graffiti – invited ME to join her on the fabric trip of a lifetime.   She was the brilliant person who bid on a silent auction item at a music fundraiser and snagged a day of personal clothing evaluation (that involved letting someone actually see her closet…brave woman!), selection of a garment design, shopping for the fabric at the best fabric store ever, finishing with lunch at Neiman Marcus….with a friend!

At a civilized hour this morning, off we headed to San Francisco.

One of the perks of living where I do is this fabulous view!

You can have your Louis Vitton, Prada, Channel…..we were headed for BRITEX

Four floors of  fabric yumminess!  The first floor is the most dangerous.

The wall of fine woolens.

Shelves of silks that go to the ceiling.

May I introduce Joan, my friend; Kathleen the designer and seamstress: Douglas the fabric personal shopper.  I didn’t know there was such a thing as a fabric personal shopper!

Douglas asked a few questions and off he went, up and down ladders, looking for just the right fabric for a dress and coat that would be the perfect match for Joan.

It’s not over until the draping and discussing….

The final choices!

Joan was wiped out and ready for lunch!  Since I was the pack mule and cheerleader, that was fine with me, too.

Reservations at The Rotunda at San Francisco’s Neiman Marcus on Union Square.


We SO deserved this!

Fine food, fine fabrics, fine new friends!

Stay tuned for the finished dress.  I also promise to tell you about the $250 a yard silk and bronze metallic material I actually got to touch!


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    Hi Linda, I just found you–not sure how I arrived, but I’m glad I did. I have enjoyed looking back over your posts and meeting Henny and Penny! And the post about the doll mansion turned army barracks is hilarious too! Joan sounds like a fascinating friend. Maybe you can share her graffiti kitchen with us! I’ve signed up to get your future posts. Looking forward to more! Linda

      • Linda
      • June 6, 2012

      Hi Linda, So glad you dropped by! I’m hoping Joan will agree to a feature about her kitchen when it’s finished. I look forward to checking out your blog, too.

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