From the Great Morel website.


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I know, Spring morel mushroom season is over, but I promised my cousin I’d tell you about his foraging adventure.

From the Great Morel website.

Our family has a history of foraging for morel mushrooms and wild asparagus.  Apparently my Mom had her special, secret spots in the little rural Southern Indiana town where she grew up.  No matter what I say, several of my family members insist I MUST know where it is; their zeal is right up there with the search for the Holy Grail.  Dear family…I don’t have a clue.  I only lived in that town for 9 months when I was 6 years old!  OK. got that out of my system!

Back to Tim’s adventure….

Mushroom hunting is a BIG DEAL!  Many morel seekers have their own SWATs (Scientific Wild Ass Theories) about where to find mushroom nirvana.  As for me, the idea of a guided Morel Foray sounds just fabulous, doesn’t it?  My cousin’s group went with a guide from the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club.  While this was not the best year for foraging, the guide promised the group an evening feast from everything they gathered.

Their one morel (out of a group of 20 foragers!) was blended with an array of 14 varieties of mushrooms into this yummy, buttery skillet of joy that was transformed into mushroom soup.

Dinner was rounded out with Nettle quesadillas, and Poke weed with bacon…and no one died!  A successful trip, if I may say so!

A Mushroom Foray is now on my Bucket List.  I have the dates marked on my calendar for the guided hunts this next winter out here in California and there’s a very intriguing Indiana Hen ‘o the Woods Foray coming up this Fall.

Cousin Tim’s brother-in-law sums it up nicely with his picture of a good spring day in the Midwest.

What memories do you have of wild food gathering?  Does your family have its own secret patches of purslane, berry thickets, hazelnut trees?  As I told Cousin Tim, with today’s trendiness of wild foods…we could make a fortune at our local Farmer’s Markets and high-end restaurants.  Last year, morels exceeded $100 per pound at auction.  Dang…if I could only remember where Mom’s morel and asparagus patches are located!

    • tim
    • June 24, 2012

    Our guide did bring fresh Morels for our feast that he supplied. the skillet mushrooms cooking are Morels. THis year the auction price was $40 dollars a pound (gallon zip lock bag). Very few buyers.

    • Linda
    • June 24, 2012

    Hi Tim – the whole idea of a morel foray sure does sound like fun. Our morel price in the grocery store out here was $25/lb and I thought that was crazy! Bought 4 of them, battered and fried them and they were wonderful.

  1. Reply

    WOW that is huge!!!
    Thanks for stopping in.

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