Walking in the Redwoods

June 12, 2012 , In: The Garden , With: 2 Comments

Summer is hiking time for us. We live in a wonderful corner of planet Earth and I want to introduce you to some of the places I walk with family, friends, and Robbie the resident Sheltie.  It’s hot today, so we looked for a shady walk.  I love it that our business planning meetings can be held anywhere!

Redwood Regional Park

Less than 15 minutes from our house we are deep in the redwood forest.  This redwood forest provided the lumber for building after the Gold Rush.  There were some forward thinking folks who saved the trees for future generations.

The Grandfather Tree, over 500 years old, still stands and our forest is the largest stand of Coast Redwoods in our area.

Mr. HenSongs checking out the view

This is the trail I hiked with my Mom when I was young.   Mom knew the name of every wildflower, tree, and edible plant.  I was especially fond of gathering Yerba Buena for tea.

A minty flavor – good for settling the stomach

San Francisco was originally named Yerba Buena by Spanish settlers.

Today our walk took us by a wild bee hive (wish I could have taken a picture!) and we met a wonderful man who gave us a lesson in bird watching and pointed us to some Audibon walks for the Fall.

Redwood Sorrel was plentiful in the shade  The leaves fold down when hit by sunlight. Then open back up immediately when the shade returns.

I love its little lavender flowers.

The Foxglove (digitalis) was also in bloom.

A couple of hours in the trees can calm a soul and get the creative juices flowing!


  1. Sure rub it in — you live in beautiful CA and have amazing scenery!! Glad those bees didn’t form an all out attack on you! I need to have some planning meetings in places like that – you know how to live!

      • Linda
      • June 16, 2012

      Perhaps there will be the need for a blog summit out here some day….. 😀

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