Why Stash Is Important

June 6, 2012 , In: Home Keeping , With: 4 Comments

It’s Monday Tuesday Wednesday!  I have orders to fill, reports to run, customers to contact, people to train.  The house needs picking up and there’s gardening to do.  What does this mean?  Find a project to throw together instead!

Welcome to Stash Day

I don’t understand people who don’t understand my stashes.  I have a very acceptable and usable collection of yarn and knitting patterns, vintage sewing patterns and notions, material, stamps and ink, papers, garden decorations in the rough, and my trusty computer with craft ideas bookmarked to within an inch of her life…in case I haven’t introduced you – please meet Sophia, my trusty laptop.

Have you ever needed a gift FAST?

One of those “Oh ap-cray!  I totally forgot my best friend’s <significant event>.” or “Those neighbors will no longer be considered new in about two days.”

It’s only taken me a lifetime, but I’ve finally learned that having a few gifts ready to go saves a boat load of fast trips to a store to spend too much money on something I really don’t like as well as what I had in my mind.  Settling for second best doesn’t set well with me.

Today’s Project – Making Something Great Out of Stash Stuff

Yesterday I cleaned out a drawer (thanks to Kelly at Eclectically Vintage for the closet cleaning inspiration….I started with baby steps) and found these little muslin bags:

That led me to my crafty corner for ink and a nifty stamp.  I really like the stamps from my friend Hope’s Stampin Up! line when I want to decorate fabric.  You can find permanent ink at craft stores.

The jar of lavender I saved from last year’s garden and a bit of vintage embellishment and it’s time to make some lavender sachets.

While the rick rack was a great idea, there wasn’t enough for all of the little bags, so I used grosgrain ribbon that came on bundles of face clothes I purchased for a Fondue and Facials Party.

Ta Da!  Some free and fast gifts to put in the gift closet.  The lavender wand and rosemary bath soak are teasers for future projects.

I hear Henny and Penny clucking…time to go see what they’re into today.

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  1. Can’t believe I inspired someone with my closet clean out!!

    This is so funny because Kari @ Thistlewood Farm just got a huge stash of lavender and bags at a yard sale! I’m going to forward this to her – they are adorable! The perfect little last minute gift.

    I used to keep a supply of b-day presents for my girls friends. But then we moved, the gifts got buried in a box, and when I finally unpacked it, those gifts were way past their usefulness to my girls or any of their friends!! Oh well, I tried to have a stash!

      • Linda
      • June 16, 2012

      Hey – I only got as far as one drawer :). The lavender bags are really useful and folks like to tuck them into drawers. We’ll see how long this idea of having things made in advance lasts. Tonight I have to make up three graduation cards because I’ve waited too long to go to the store.

  2. Reply

    Kelly told me about your find! I just bought an big bag of dried lavender and little bags like this at a yardsale. I need to stamp them like that. Those are ADORABLE 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration.


      • Linda
      • June 16, 2012

      Thanks Karianne! You’ll love making the little bags. Just make sure you get permanent ink. I stamped some Williams Sonoma dinner napkins with the Stampin Up ink a couple of Christmases ago and they stand up to the washing machine really well. Oh, you can also toss the lavender bags in the dryer for a nice scent. It doesn’t stay on the clothes, just makes things smell nice while the dryer is running.

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