Spoons and Stamps

Stamped Spoons

July 8, 2012 , In: Home Keeping , With: 7 Comments

I have no idea why, but July is the month when my handmade gift alarm goes off.  My mother had the same alarm and I knew I had found the man for me when I saw his mother breaking out the holiday projects during the summer.

I’ve been lusting after some stamped silverware since seeing them first on Eclectically Vintage last month.  Then they seemed to pop up everywhere.  My goal for this project is to practice a couple of styles and see what inspires me as additions to plant and jam gifts.

Today my dear daughter joined me on a scavenger trip to some local collectables stores.  We hit the mother load of silver plate!  Next came a quick stop at our local Harbor Freight store for a set of metal stamps.

If this project appeals to you, there are loads of instructions and videos – just Google up the one that fits your style.

The Plant Marker

I decided to try the “flatten the spoon” style for the marker. It did make it easier to stamp the letters on the spoon.

This was my first attempt and I didn’t worry about being perfect..it’s the rustic look I’m after.

Too cute!  I’m sure it will inspire the scrawny dill plant to shape up!  These markers will look great in the potted plants I’m making up for our friend’s birthday gifts.

The Jam Spoon

Got fancy here and talked Mr Hensongs into hammering the letters onto the curved spoon.  I believe in team work and I think I found the perfect assistant.

Love this one!  A cute spoon tied to a jar of homemade apricot butter makes a great gift.

Check out the super cute vintage aprons on the table.  My Mom In Law made those back in the 70’s.  I can’t wait to get going with jam and fruit butters to round out the gifts – perhaps I’ll add a loaf of homemade bread and a stamped butter knife.

  1. These are the perfect gift Linda! Love it tied to the jam jar!

    Glad you were inspired by my stamped spoons! Here’s to making fabulous gifts together.

      • Linda
      • July 9, 2012

      I agree! I still love your Pesto and Mojito planter.

    • Elaine Trites
    • July 9, 2012

    Martha eat you’re heart out!

      • Linda
      • July 9, 2012

      Having time to be inspired sure helps bring out the inner Martha 🙂

    • Pat Herrera
    • July 10, 2012

    Next time I’m down, I want to go out searching for fun stuff to do, too. Want me to watch for cute silver plate in the many, many thrift shops here in the sticks???

  2. Reply

    Cute idea. I could see making a mobile/windchime type dealie with those, too!

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