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I had the joy of reconnecting with a high school friend and finding out how much our lives have had in common over the last I-Won’t-Tell-You-How-Many years.  Let’s just leave it as we’re very very wise women!  You can imagine how much fun it was to find that we both share a passion for chickens.  Yesterday we got together for a visit and I’m thrilled to begin sharing advice about caring for a little bigger flock. I learned new information about cleaning and storing eggs.  That will be another post.

Chez Poulet

Henny and Penny are excited about introducing their country friends.  Well, not really country but, for our city chickens, anything bigger than their urban Casa Hen Songs with extra dirt to dust in and bugs to find is country!

Meet The Girls

These hens have a wonderful enclosed run area.  Their home is next to open areas and a great state park – Mount Diablo – and they need to be kept safe from coyotes, fox, and other critters.

A Tour of the Coop

What Henny and Penny wouldn’t give for a big area like this to roam.  They haven’t read the memo on predators who consider them to be a tasty snack.

Pepper the Golden Retriever is happy to pose with the girls – isn’t he a beauty?

Access to the nest for egg gathering couldn’t be simpler.

I love the inside of the hen house.  It is designed for easy access, cleaning, and air circulation.  This part of our corner of the San Francisco Bay Area gets about 10 degrees colder and 10 degrees warmed that Casa HenSongs so it’s important to pay attention to the comfort of the hens during the hotter summers and colder winters.

Let us know what you think?  I’m hoping the girls of Chez Poulet will be sharing more about their lives and times as almost city chickens.

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