Emergency Candle Jar

August 9, 2012 , In: Home Keeping , With: 3 Comments

I don’t know about you, but it’s when the power goes out that I remember we’ve never bothered to put candles, a holder, and matches all in one place.  This super quick and easy project solves that problem.

It’s also a nifty idea for gifts.
People will think you’re oh so clever and thoughtful.


  • 1 – 12 ounce Ball Quilted Chrystal Jelly Jar
  • 1 – 5/8 inch brass compression cap (from the plumbing section of the hardware store)
  • A package of 5-inch utility candles
  • A book of matches
  • Super Glue.


  1. Put the 4 candles in the jelly jar
  2. Add the book of matches to the jar
  3. Super glue the compression cap to the INSIDE of the jar lid
  4. Screw the lid on the jar
  5. Add a label for cuteness (or to remind you why you have candles in a jelly jar)

You’re done.
Store the jar where you’ll find it when the lights go out.

To use

  1. Take a candle and the matches out of the jar.
  2. Flip the lid over so the compression cap is on the outside of the jar.
  3. Screw the lid back on the jar
  4. Light the candle.

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    Now I see the leave a comment….swear it wasn’t there before…..I can read. 🙂

      • Linda
      • August 10, 2012

      I believe you! I think the site is haunted. My next task is to figure out why the footer has disappeared. It’s there in the template…mocking me!

    • Patty
    • November 24, 2012

    Hi Linda! I love your Emergency Candle Jar! Great idea.

    Patty 🙂

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