Summer Squash Quickles

Summer Squash Quickles

August 14, 2012 , In: The Garden, Yum! , With: No Comments

This year our yellow crookneck squash plants are producing like crazy.  I wish I could figure out what I did to reverse my inability to grow squash over the past few years.  Some say the weather is better….some give credit to Henny and Penny scratching a pecking.  I’m thinking that the garden elves are just happy with me.

Living near San Francisco puts us right in the middle of Foodie Land.  I’m grateful for all of the ideas that come my way from the new wave of food trucks and pop up stores and restaurants.  Vegetables pickles and relishes have been resurrected and are the rage right now.  My grandmother would probably be wondering what all of the hubbub is about – having pickled vegetables as accompaniments to meats and cheese is not something new.  But I’m tickled to be able to dig out the old family recipes and start pickling again.

Summer Squash and Cucumbers

Today’s refrigerator pickle is yellow crookneck squash and cucumber.  I really like the combination;  sometimes the squash alone isn’t as crisp and refreshing as when cucumber is added.  This recipe goes together quickly, cools on the counter, then is popped into the refrigerator to get all cold and crunchy.

A note about both the squash and the cucumber:  Don’t use those over sized vegetables that people leave on your doorstep.  They are too bitter and seedy for a nice pickle. You need to stand firm about not being the overflow parking for overgrown neighborhood vegetables.  Do what we do instead.  Dress them up as little dolls and put them back on the neighbor’s porch with a note about being returned to their family.  It gets a laugh and solves the problem in one fell swoop!

The recipe I’m using today is a great recipe from Taste Of Home.  I like the combination of vinegar, sugar, mustard seeds and celery seeds.  You’ll find the instructions and nutritional information right on their website.


Don’t these quickles look great?  I can’t wait to have them with a brie, basil, and tomato sandwich.


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