August Cleanup Fly Trap

What’s That Smell….The Sequel

August 24, 2012 , In: Chickens , With: No Comments

Wow, this has been the summer of learning at Casa HenSongs! Remember that fantastic idea to hang a fly trap in the chicken run? I believe I said it would be the answer to keeping flies down to a minimum and make us good backyard chicken neighbors?

I was wrong
Oh SOOOOOOO wrong!

Today I went into the yard to settle down with a glass of tea (the unsweetened kind….we’re on the West Coast) and my computer to do some work for my Day Job.  There was a smell…..a decidedly non-chicken smell…but it was coming from Casa HenSongs.

I sat at the table as long as I could before I found that it wasn’t possible to hold my breath and work.

Then my memory kicked in

Visions of a time long ago and our first chickens (Sweetie, Speck, and Rhoda) floated to the front of my mind.  I had tried this before!  It didn’t end well!

The smell….the horrible horrible smell… the FLY TRAP.  Flies like nasty things and the bate in the fly trap is nasty.  Dead flies are also nasty.

The fly trap has been removed and the smell along with it.  The lesson learned is that nothing beats good old cleaning of the coop and run.  Also, hens smell a heck of a lot better than fly traps and dead flies!

Tomorrow we’re experimenting with fly paper.  I think it just might look like a festive garland along the fence.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

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