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Spa Day

September 6, 2012 , In: Chickens , With: 6 Comments

Henny and Penny had gotten pretty darn grungy in the “caboose” area.  From what I read, it’s just the way it goes with fluffy butt hens.  We could either give them a feather trim or bathe them. Seriously???  Bathe a chicken?!

Believe it or not, I even found You Tube videos about bathing chickens!  Most are recorded by 4H kids preparing their hens for show at the Fair so it’s not as weird as it first sounds.  One can’t take a poopy hen to the Fair!

Preparing the Bath

After reading up and figuring that, if nothing else, we’d give friends and family something really good to write about in their holiday letters (under the My Weird Relatives paragraph)…Mr. Hensongs and I decided that yesterday was bath day.

So we gathered together the supplies.

  1. A wash tub with lukewarm water
  2. Mild soap (I used our favorite Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil EO Soap; my go-to soap when I want something clean and fresh)
  3. A rinse tub filled with lukewarm water
  4. Towels
  5. Hair Dryer

Prepared for the worst, I put on a massive apron and gloves (figured the protective glasses and rubber boots would be overkill, even for me)


Important!  Never ever scrub a hen’s feathers…they will break.  Gently stroke in the direction they grow.

Mr. Hensongs grabbed a hen and eased her into the sudsy water – butt first.  We waited for the frantic screeching and flapping of wings.  Nothing…not even a peep….she just stood there in the warm water.

I went about the job of gently rubbing the offensive feather area and washing between her toes.

Out of the wash and into the rinse…same reaction…..gently pumped her up and down to rinse out any soap

Out of the water to drip off as much as possible, then covered with a towel to soak up additional moisture.  One happy hen just sitting there in our arms.

Off she went onto the lawn and the procedure was repeated with hen number 2.

We tried the hair dryer set on cool to get some of the water out, but since it was warm out it didn’t seem necessary.

One thing we will do next time is to get a kiddie gate to corral of the lawn for the drying time. That way Henny and Penny will stay out of the dirt while they’re wet – it’s so much better than yelling “N0!  Get outa there!”

The Results

I really meant to take pictures, perhaps even do a video blog, but it was such a non-event.

Here are the happy, clean hens



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    ha ha ha that’s a funny story. have you read my mud spa post. from Levi.

      • Linda
      • September 16, 2012

      Oh yes, I remember Levi’s mud spa very well. I believe I tried for a sample of the famous mud :). I’m thinking that Henny and Penny could use a mud treatment on their feet… Perhaps Levi could come on over and administer the treatment. I seem to remember he’s also adept at chicken hypnosis

    • Bliss
    • September 17, 2012

    Am I a bad chicken mama, I have never considered giving any of ours a bath, and I am pretty sure unless they were covered in mud I wouldn’t even know they were dirty. But if they liked it maybe they will lay extra eggs?


  2. Reply

    Just so you know…you are winning the I sTUNK button from me :). Cause I love their chicken butts!

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