Egg-stra Special and Fall in the Garden

October 24, 2012 , In: Chickens, The Garden , With: 2 Comments

Fall has finally arrived to the San Francisco Bay Area.  It seems as though Mother Nature just flip the switch between Summer and Autumn without the usual slow transition.  We’ve now had our first rain (seen live on the Giant’s game that won them a spot in this year’s World Series…go Giants!).  It was just in time for our garden.  The perennials and native plants were starting to complain and remind me that “drought tolerant” didn’t mean “withhold all water”.

Fall Vegetables

Replacing Summer tomatoes and beans are peas (two different varieties), kale, chard, lettuces, and celery.  We’ll see how well the greens do.  Aphids have found the Kale and some sort of leaf destroyer is boring through the chard leaves, but we’ll see if they win.

Today I found a great garden surprise, a couple of Yukon Gold potato plants have sprouted from last year’s planting.  I love it when that happens.

What the Cluck?

But the biggest news is from Casa Hensongs.  One of the girls has started laying eggs that are shaped more like a bullet or capsule than an egg.

Mr. HenSong and I Googled our way through all of the posts from backyard chicken sites to university extension information and found out that this strange new egg is really not abnormal.  Eggs can come in different shapes as well as sizes and colors (apparently the “color” is applied as the last step in the egg production pipeline before it’s laid).

Still not satisfied (even though both Henny and Penny look normal as ever), I called our Vet.  He gave me the best information EVER.

We don’t see these different shapes in the store bought cartons because people expect an egg to look a certain way.  The eggs of a different shape are culled out for other uses.

The really cool thing is that, in some cultures, this unusual shape of egg is considered


While we aren’t going to go crazy in the stock market, we are going assume that the next seven years will be filled with joy and bounty.

Thanks Henny or Penny….whichever of you are laying these beauties.
    • elaine
    • October 24, 2012

    How amazing is that society overlooks the rare events in nature to conform to comfort….yes its the wine taking Linda

      • Linda
      • October 24, 2012

      I agree! Can’t believe that it’s taken this long in life to find out that eggs have different eggy shapes. No wine yet for me, but I’m looking forward to a glass this evening!

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