Henny, after the famous butt bath

R.I.P. Penny

October 25, 2012 , In: Chickens , With: 5 Comments

Not the happiest day at Casa HenSongs.  After such a fun post yesterday telling the tale of the lucky egg, we woke up to a very sick hen this morning.  No question at all…Penny was in distress so off to the vet we went.  I’ve gotta give the biggest shout out to the love of a man who has been doctor to these hens since they arrived a year and a half ago.  But he had to report back that Penny had a growth that was not going to go away and was making her very ill.

This part of chicken keeping just sucks….there’s no other way to say it.

Penny, you will be missed and we will take good care of Henny while we look for a couple of new girls for her to boss around.

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    So sorry to hear about Penny. Animals are so precious and so very much a part of any family.

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    Sorry to hear about Penny. Losing an animal is really heart-breaking. Can I ask, since I live in CV too, which vet do you use for your chickens? I finally convinced Hill’s (on Redwood) to do a fecal for my goats, but it was a challenge! We are planning in building the chicken coop this winter and I would love to have a good vet for them. Thanks a bunch and my prayers are with Penny!

      • Linda
      • October 29, 2012

      Hi Lilian. We take our hens to Dr. Schuchman at Boulevard Pet Hospital. He’s the “go to” bird vet. in the greater Bay Area. A word of warning though….he treats your chickens like a regular pet with prices to match. We were a bit shocked at the bill for Penny’s final visit. I’m meeting a new person who is a rare poultry breeder in Concord today. I’m going to ask him for training in the basic chicken keeping tasks so we’re not vet dependent on anything except things we shouldn’t be handling at home.

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    oh no!! Penny and Henny is only 1/2 a pair. that is sad!!

      • Linda
      • November 12, 2012

      I know! But stay tuned for the adventures of Blanca and Buffy as they deal with Henny the Enforcer. Penny is still greatly missed. We’re thinking about a Penny award for excellent backyard chicken management. I’m reviewing other chicken blogs for the awards ceremony.

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