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Levi’s Coops

November 28, 2012 , In: Chickens , With: 8 Comments

Greetings readers.

We have a guest blogger today.  I first met Levi when I read his blog post about hypnotizing a chicken.  Henny and Penny thought he was a pretty great kid when they won the Stinky Link contest on his mom’s blog because he thought the picture of Penny’s butt bath deserved the prize.  It made perfect sense to ask Levi to write a guest blog about the best chicken coop a chicken could have.

Note:  Levi did his research well and provided links to the coop sources. The Credits are at the bottom of this post.

So, with no further adieu…in memory of Penny the Hen….I give you Levi and his magnificent idea for the best coop ever!



Hi I am Levi. My mom is Janel who has the blog NellieBellie.



This is my 3rd post now. I was asked to guest post and I came up with some ideas for a crazy chicken coop.

I am doing the guest post because Penny the chicken died and if she was still alive she should have a cool chicken coop and these are some of the pictures that I found for ideas.

Coops of the World

From Homestead Revival and The Art of Doing Stuff.


This one looks like something from a mini golf course. If I were a chicken I would play mini golf all day!

From Decorology

Bacon &…..

This one has a crazy name. I don’t really understand why they called it Omlet.

Oh wait…I understand. Because of the chickens. Eggs turn into omelets.


Note from Linda…This is Penny’s Eglu coop from Omlet!

Chicken Fingers!

I think this one looks like a flattened hollow piano.

Maybe some chickens have fingers and can become a pianist.

Pianist is a really, really weird word.

From Dezeen


I have no idea what the people who made this were thinking. But, this looks really fun to be a chicken.

From Homestead Survival


Saving the Best for Last

Those are some of the crazy chicken coops I found. And Penny deserves to have one of these crazy chicken coops. Or..MINE! She should have MY chicken coop because it will be funny and a good chicken coop.

Let me tell you why…

First of all, obviously, it’s going to need some hay on the floor and for the nests.

Second – shelves for the nests to rest on.

Third – it will need nests. Made out of silk, of course.

Fourth – a roof. With solar panels for the t.v. That will always be on the animal channel.

Fifth – chickens. Of course, for Penny is a chicken.

Sixth – sound proof walls. So the chickens don’t go crazy and the people outside don’t have to hear the t.v. which will be on animal planet.

Seventh – stilts for the coop to rest on . They will be holding up boxing gloves so the chickens can punch on the stilts and become boxing champions. Why the stilts? So it can hold it up from floods. Because they have a pool. And it rains into the pool and floods it.

Eighth – a floor. Covered in bubble wrap. So, the chickens will go crazy stepping on it. Bubble wrap can get rid of stress because you can step on it rather then stepping on people’s heads. It’s good for chickens to get rid of stress because they have to poop eggs and that is probably painful.

Ninth – a window. So they can see the outside world. And it gives them light.

Tenth – something to soothe the chickens. Like an automatic massager, or a hot tub.

Eleventh – whoopee cushions for every nest. So when the chicken lays on it you hear a flbfbfblflblfblflblflblflb.

Twelfth – a bounce house. For the chickens to bounce to their nests.

Thirteenth – a slide. So all the chickens can go down from the shelves.

Fourteenth – a beak cleaner. So after they eat their food they can brush their beaks.

Fifteenth – an automatic disco ball. And robots shoot out of the disco ball and do the chicken dance. Happy chickens lay happier eggs.

Sixteenth, and most important. An automatic poop cleaner. When the whoopee cushions go off they create a chemical that traces the scent of poop and dissolves it. Instant poop cleaner! It actually only works when they are sleeping, or laying eggs.

 I have no idea how to end this. So, let’s just say…bye!!


The Coops you’ve seen, in order of their appearance:

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    Well thank you for including my coop in your list Levi. Mine is the 2nd picture you’ve shown. The smoke grey coop with the lanterns. I’ll pass your compliments onto the girls. They love t heir coop too, which makes me question why they continue to poop all over it. ~ karen (the art of doing stuff)

    • This is Levi (on my mom’s account). Thank you and if you want I can write a post about your chicken coop. Thank you for commenting and bye.

  2. I am so proud of how hard Levi worked on this post! Thanks so much for having him….he had so much fun! And I dare say he did a good job 🙂

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  4. Oh did great work here! WOW — I think I want to retire to that chicken coop you are inventing! Sounds pretty cooptastic! What a fun post..and you little goofball nailed it again!
    Your Best Buddy in Cali- Jen

  5. Reply

    Levi can come build our chickens a new coop. Anyone who wants to put a whoopie cushion under a bird who nests, has got to know what chickens want.


    • Vyan
    • December 1, 2012

    Hello Levi
    This is wonderful. I realise that I have never given a thought to chickens and repent at once.

    • myturnforus
    • December 25, 2012

    I am a follower of Levi:) (and of course his moms) Great job on the post, Levi. I love these Chicken houses! Maybe you can become a chicken house architect:)

    Now following via Linky and Facebook:)

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