Tree To Table – Apple Pie Edition; Deliciousness Continues

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Since I first wrote about my apples and pie, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kate McDermott, the Pie Mama.  Her new cookbook – Art Of The Pie, A Practical Guide to Homemade Crusts, Fillings, and Life – is published and will be available in October 2016.  July is my Mom’s birthday month; she is the reason I have such an attachment to my garden and was my kitchen coach.  Her pies were legend.

To honor both of these women, I think it’s only fitting to republish this story.  I think you’ll be able to feel the warmth of the sun in my orchard and smell the hot apple pie if you close your eyes.

Happy reading!

It’s October – one of my favorite months and the beginning of my favorite time of year.  This year, in our worst California drought of my lifetime, our apple trees have put on a spectacular show of beauty and productivity.  It’s like they all rolled up their sleeves and said “Take THAT drought!”  We have a bumper crop of Gravensteins and Fuji apples.

Our 3-year old apple trees are just beautiful

Our 3-year old apple trees are just beautiful



Fortunately, my friend and business partner, Debi, has become my Pie Crust Queen, thanks to instruction from Kate McDermott’s Art Of The Pie (check this out but don’t get lost and forget to come back for the rest of the story….it can happen!).

Deb’s been tempting me with pie crust stories for weeks.  Coincidentally, it’s also time for our Q4 business planning – pie and planning – what a great idea!

Bucket of Fujis in hand….I made my way over to her house for our own Fall Kickoff.


Fresh Apples and our first rainfall of the season

Fresh Apples and our first rainfall of the season

Prepare yourselves for the best Apple Pie story EVER.


Let Pie Season Begin!

The Stage Is Set. . .Let Pie Season Begin!

Homegrown, organic, locally sources apples (hit all those high points, we did), coupled with the finest flour, leaf lard, grass fed butter….oh my!

Step-by-step, we sliced apples and added the sugar and spices.  It’s all by “feel” and sweetness of the apples. I love it when baking is more art form than strict science – that’s pies for sure!

Preparing the Apple Filling

Preparing the Apple Filling From The Heart

I have never….EVER…. worked with a crust that behaved as well as this one.  I’m an Art Of The Pie addict FOR LIFE!

We put together pie dough with our hands until it felt just right, rolled it out, and filled up our pie plates until not one more apple slice would fit.

This dough rolls out like a dream

This dough rolls out like a dream

Edges beautifully crimped and into the oven they went.

Baked To Perfection.

While they baked, Debi and I got our business plans out, planned strategies, training, events, and wrapped up our schedules through the end of the year.  Q4 – we knocked it out of the park!

The timer pinged and out came the pies.

It smells like Autumn!


Everything just seems to work out better when gathered around the pastry table.


If you’re dying for this cookbook (as I am) hop on over and place your preorder for  Art Of The Pie, A Practical Guide to Homemade Crusts, Fillings, and Life

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    What a lovely story of a great day at Deb’s!

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