A beautiful view at the top of the trail

On the road with Kismet ~ Lake Chabot

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It’s 2020 and who would have guessed we’d be smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic!?! We’ve learned to be creative with our Shelter In Place adventures – it’s definitely possible to get outdoors responsibly. Today we’re taking you, along with Kismet, to one of our favorite local places. There’s so much to see in our own neighborhood and we often overlook the great places right out our front door. Out we go – masked up, treats in the treat bag, sunblock on!

A new adventure hike

Lake Chabot is just a few miles from Hensong Nest. Today we picked a trail that we haven’t walked before and were so surprised to learn the rich history of Anthony Chabot, our local water projects and the lake he designed.

Heading up the half-mile path to the Lake Chabot Dam, we passed by the original water treatment tanks and a memorial at the entrance to the main water tunnel, honoring the Chinese Laborers who created the structure.

The original Contracosta Wanter Project Tunnel

The trail took us through groves of eucalyptus trees. These tress, native to Australia, and so many other unique plants surround this lake.

The views of the hills are beautiful, the path is not difficult and paved all the way. The round-trip took us about 45 mins with plenty of stops and chats with other hikers and doggy greetings.

This entrance to the park is a nice start to the 9 mile hike around the whole lake (that takes 4-5 hours) and not as crowded as the main entrance at the marina. If this is your goal, take LOTS of water and plan for an invigorating day.

A beautiful view at the top of the trail

Check this out for details A History Walk at Lake Chabot about each history marker. This guided walk starts at the dam and works its way down the path, so read it backwards.

There’s a story behind the eucalyptus trees here and in the bay area hills. Jack London also played a pivotal part…you’ll want to look that up.

Anthony Chabot designed much of the water and storm systems in the East Bay. He’s one of the reasons we don’t have much flooding.

Kismet’s Tips:

  • I like this hike and give it 4 paws up!
  • The paved path keeps me out of the poison oak and foxtails.
  • Didn’t see a single rattle snake!
  • Take water – I will need a drink and so will you.
  • There were two porta-potties along the way – my Mom and Dad loved that!
  • Lots of nice pups to meet and greet – all on leashes for our protection
  • Don’t forget – Wear Your Masks because We Care About YOU!
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